The terms surrender and grace have played a big part in a majority of spiritual paths throughout history. If we look at these concepts fromn a non-dual perspective, we can reason the following:

Either there is a concrete separate self that is to some degree different/separate from Consciousness, or there isn’t.

If there is a concrete separate self, an “I”, a “doer” of thoughts and actions, it is simply a matter of choice to surrender to Consciousness, or not. The separate self would have free will to decide to surrender or not to surrender ( as suggested in traditional christian writings for example).

If there is only Consciousness and a separate self is simply an ego-based thought, an illusion, then the story of a separate self being conflicted about whether or not “it” wants to/needs to/can/should/should not/cannot surrender to consciousness is just that..an “I” story.

The whole story of surrender would be an illusion as well. There is nothing to surrender to if you are Consciousness.

This is Grace. The awareness that you are Consciousness and that surrender/resistance to Consciousness is just an Ego based “I” story. There is nothing you need to do to surrender becasuse there is not a “you” to surrender anything.

The Ego, the separate “I” thought, would like you to beleive the free will story because that belief keeps the illusion of a separarte self alive. However, it is still an illusion.

You will play out that illusion until you don’t. Don’t worry about it, it has no meaning.


One thought on “Surrender and Grace

  1. It makes sense that free will is an illusion. That doesn’t dissolve the paradox – the illusion. We who are still living in illusion make decisions moment by moment to remain in illusion. So then what. The thought that it is an illusion is not helpful. The attention that is grace may be helpful.

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