There is no difference. Everybody is enlightened. Realizing this is all it takes.

So that is all? Is that what I have been reading books for so many years?
We like to be busy: doing things, improving ourselves and solving problems. We like to set goals and attempt to reach them. This habit we also apply to our quest for freedom and that initially gives insights and some inner space.
But one day you realize that through your process, progress and ‘working-on-it’, you are actually abandoning yourself. That what you are longing for is already what you are. Do not deny this any longer. Essentially there is nothing to acquire, self-realization is beyond any domain of attaining or doing.

What is it then?

It is a revelation, a realization of the undividable, all pervading mystery. It is a shift of perspective, a shift from ‘I’ to ‘Thou’. Your point of reference evaporates and you are no longer anchored in ‘I’, but in the heart of all.


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