Throughout the ancient writings of the various spiritual traditions this Undoing is identified in many ways. Advaita Vedanta, the Kabbalah, the Buddhist emptiness teachings, Gnostic Christianity, and modern non-dual teachers all point to thie experience of undoing, this experience in which awareness arises and you know you are not yourbody-mind Ego state. You are aware that who you thought you were is not who you are. You are aware that what you thought was “reality” isn’t. You are aware you don’t really have a past or a future. You are aware that there is simply what is happening now, right this minute.

This Undoing is not something YOU do! It is something you become aware of. It is the awareness that there is simply one consciousness, one experience that is always happening, and you become aware that you are simply that experience, always unfolding. And mostly you become aware that there is really no way to explain this with words and concepts, although of course we try!

Ed Geraty

From: My Undoing


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