Isn’t that a wonderful thing! We are NEVER alone!

Awareness is ALWAYS with us. And so you can see
that neither you nor I are alone in our experience and
discussion of Awareness, it is helpful to realize that
neither you nor I made all this Awareness stuff up!

It’s not original, it’s not new, it’s not “New Age” (it’s
actually very Old Age). Thinking, discussing
experiencing, and BEING Awareness has been around forever.

Throughout history there have been some outstanding
and outspoken expriencers of Awareness.

The Mystics, the Saints, the Shamans, the Gurus, the
Ancients from every culture and path have experienced
and then taught the concept of Awareness; in some
cases risking, and giving up, their own lives.
You figure “It” must be real if so many men and women
have been willing to die for “It” for centuries.

In our recent time and place in this Awakening, many
traditional and more modern non-dual experiencers are
still experiencing and then teaching about Awareness;
Nisargadatta Maharaj, Robert Adams, Papaji, and
hundreds of others, just to name a few.

They may differ in what they perceive Awareness to
be like exactly, their experiences, and their teaching
style, but they are still all talking about the same thing.
Oneness, Non-Dualism, Awareness.

Call it what you like, it doesn’t really matter.

– Ed –


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