Awareness ! Are you  “getting it”? It is impossible to define what “getting it” actually is.

All I can say is that if you’re “getting it” you know it. If you’re not getting it, either you will or you won’t as you keep reading. Who knows!

Notice your emotional reaction as you read the paragraph above. What did you feel?  If you’re starting to “get it” you may feel some initial excitement, some “aha” experience even if fleeting.

If you’re not getting it, you are probably feeling either duped or irritated. Either way, you are probably expecting something really profound to be revealed sooner or later.

What we can look at here is the need to KNOW.

We need to KNOW something. And we expect that if we don’t know it there is something to DO to get to that knowing.  Most of us in the KNOWING mode believe that gaining more information, having a greater intellectual understanding, studying, analyzing, THINKING, will produce the KNOWING.

Thinking will not get us there. An intellectual understanding and analyzing will not get us there. (Where is it we are supposed to be going, anyway?)

This all points to the way the Ego mind/separate self works. It’s based on seeking but not finding.

If it finds, it won’t be necessary any more! It’s based on not being OK!  It’s not comfortable with just being. It has to strive, to do, to become something better and greater, achieving, getting somewhere.

The Ego mind hates concepts like “Just be”, “Don’t strive”, Let things unfold as they do”,”Open to the present moment”, etc.

The Ego mind can never be in the present moment. It always wants to get to somewhere better.  It’s never OK with what is.  There has to be a purpose, a goal, a future, something just around the corner that will make it worth it.

The Ego mind’s major goal is not OKness. Somehow, KNOWING more, in the future, will make it Ok. It always implies that what you know now isn’t enough. There has to me more, bigger, better, soon!


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