We believe we are on the “right side” of whatever has two or more sides (which in appearance seems to be everything). We believe that others who are not on our side, the “right side”, are on the “wrong side”.

Arguments, and nuclear wars, begin with our thinking that there are right and wrong sides.

There will probably be enough people (sometimes it only takes one, but usually there will be others) who are sharing your delusion who will convince you you’re on the right side. Not that you need any convincing because you have already decided you’re on the “right side”!

Think about this for a moment. Don’t you know what is right, good, moral, correct, healthy and therefore, the “truth”?

So people who don’t see if your way would have to be wrong, bad, immoral, incorrect, unhealthy, and therefore, clearly not aware of the “truth”. This would be the only logical conclusion, wouldn’t it?

It’s great to be on the “right side” isn’t it?

Then you will start to destroy the wrong side one way or another. If the “wrong side” gets control, becomes to big, or threatens your “right side” it will need to be destroyed or at least rendered less powerful. It’s your moral duty, isn’t it?

What if there were in reality no sides! Becuase, in reality, there isn’t!

A great quote, “Do you want to be right, or happy?”


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