So to try and reduce this existential anxiety we may obsessively hold on tight to what we have, develop elaborate schemes to deny our perceived reality, drink or do drugs, get more degrees, spend a fortune on plastic surgery, there are many ways to temporarily try and deceive ourselves.

We develop shared political, philosophical and religious delusions to convince us that we really are secure and protected from “the enemy”.

We are constantly on alert, scanning our environment for any evidence of a threat. This has become our life.

We are very uncomfortable with uncertainty. Things need to have labels, put in their little boxes, or all hell will break loose. We feel we have to be able to determine what is good/bad, right/wrong, better/worse, friend/foe, up/down, far/near, comfortable/uncomfortable, healthy/unhealthy.

We live by labeling opposites. If we cannot label something we deny it, denigrate it, or destroy it. No grey area here..not for long anyway.

Just think about the labels good/bad and right/wrong for a moment. I challenge you to identify any form, object, or event (person, place or thing) and not label it at some level as either good/bad or right/wrong (you may use less specific terms, but it’s still the same thing).

I think if you are truthful with yourself, you can’t do it.


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