You may be a very unique and special person who does not experience “life” as I am about to describe, but I think I can safely say that most of us believe the following most of the time.

We believe we live in a world in which there is security, safety, and logical reasons for things. We also believe that our “mind” is somewhere in our bodies (usually the head) and that our mind is the source of our thinking and our emotions.

“I think therefore I am”

We believe that in this orderly mind-body, our thoughts create our feelings. If I think “positive” thoughts I will feel good, and if I think “negative” thoughts I will feel bad.

We also think we are the Doer of the body’s actions and that our actions are determined by us (the Doer).

We believe that our mind-body is separate from other mind-bodies; that we are all separate entities trying to achieve security and safety through various actions (getting a degree, finding a good job, buying a house, finding that right person who will be there for us and complete us, etc.)

Since we believe resources are limited we then see other separate entities as our competitors (for the good job, the right house, or that special person). Others become a threat to us achieving security.

When we feel threatened we attack either directly or indirectly. We perpetuate “attack thoughts” and we assume others are doing the same.

So here we are in this separate body, fighting for security. We also realize at a deeper level that we can (and eventually do) lose whatever security we have fought so valiantly for (the job ends, the house has to be sold or deteriorates. that special person leaves us or dies).

And we are terribly afraid of death because we perceive this event as losing all that we are and have accumulated.

Stay tuned.. more illusions to come…


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