“Wisdom is the recognition that I am nothing…”.

You are the vast and unlimited ocean of Awareness, not definable or containable by ever-changing thought, or feeling, or sensation. As Awareness you are never-changing and ever-present, the peaceful backdrop on which the world plays itself out. You are the silent movie screen upon which all of life’s movies dance and sing.

“Love is the recognition that I am everything…”

As the ocean of awareness, you are inseparable from, and intimate with, every wave that arises and dissolves. Every thought, feeling, image, memory, perception, sensation, sound, smell, are not separate ‘things’ that appear and disappear in you, or on you, or next to you, they are movements OF you, waves of yourself, sharing your essence, never at a distance in time or space from your warm presence. Your presence is pure permission. You light up the moment.

“Between the two my life flows”.


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