In our discussion group last night, at least 2 questions arose; Is there a teacher/learner duality (is there anything to teach or learn concerning Awareness/Enlightenment?) and if so, is a there a process, tools, or “steps” to learning.

I like the Course In Miracles statement “We are all teachers and learners to one another” . However the question does arise, Is there anything to teach? A teacher generally defines someone who has knowledge or information that the learner (seeker)does not have. From a nondual perspective, we are all one consciousness, no one “has” something that someone else does not “have”. (No one really “has” anything as you cannot possess Consciousness, it possesses you!

We seemed to discover in our group that self inquiry (challenging our preconceived definition of reality, through discussion and questions, sometimes assists us in opening to a larger perception. However, no one is “teaching”. My take on this is that we challenge or Egoistic view (illusory self) so much that it “gives up” (usually briefly) and then we can experience this larger consciousness.

So are there tools, step, etc. Again, I like the way A Course In Miracles begins (I paraphrase) ..The goal is not to “teach” the meaning of Love (Consciousness) as it cannot be taught, but to remove the blocks to Loves awareness (Consciousness)

Tools, steps and processes also suggest there is TIME (other than the NOW). Neo-Advaitans (modern Advaitans) generally feel that there are no tools, traditional Advaita tends to suggest a number of “experiences” that can help to Awaken (studying Advaita Vedanta scriptures, Bhakti and Kriya Yoga, etc).

My Take on this is “who cares!”. When you Awaken you Awaken! Whether you consider it an event or a process doesn’t really matter!

For those who want to explore non duality more fully, join us for our Non Duality Study group



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