It is easy to become engrossed in ourselves for days, weeks or even months. We either forget about nondual awareness completely, or “know that it’s there” but are unable experience nondual awareness even for a few seconds. Perhaps we are identified with a thought for just a few seconds. Or the journey might take several weeks.

The challenge is to take the journey we are on, knowing it is a “story” we have created. We might think, “I know there is no one making this journey. I know (intellectually) that there is no one who suffers.” But still we ache and suffer. It is the story of “suffering”. If access to the nondual seems closed, we accept the first noble truth of the Buddha. We suffer.

If we have needs and preferences we are bound to suffer. “Clearly, what’s happening for me now isn’t what I want to be happening. That’s the problem. That’s why I’m suffering. And there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it.” So, we suffer. We accept the inevitability that we will suffer for as long as we can’t accept things as they are. Until the story ends.



2 thoughts on “Forgetting non dual awareness?

  1. Interesting question. To answer a question with a question -Who is the YOU (the I) asking how to do that? If we are in our Ego awareness, the Ego awareness would be trying to figure out how to “act” or “non act”. in Reality, there is no decision to act or not act. Maybe being AWARE that there is this Ego who is trying to figure it out ..is the state of non dual awareness. WHO is being aware of the Ego trying to remain in the dualistic space of action, nonaction, and trying to figure it out.

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