There has always been “something” aware of your experience. Let’s call this something “Presence”. Throughout your life you have had billions upon billions upon billions of thoughts, emotions, and body sensations; all changing from second to second. A constant nonstop flow of thoughts, emotions, and sensations. The Presence, or Observer has always been there simply observing these things.

Are any of these thoughts, emotions or body sensations who you are? Notice that Presence has always been constant. It doesn’t change. It’s the ONE thing that doesn’t change! Now while you were having all these thoughts, emotions and body sensations, you may not have been AWARE of this Presence (because you were caught up in the specific thoughts, emotions and body sensations at the time–almost all the time!, but was there any time that there was not awareness of your thoughts, emotions and body sensations?

If you look back now at previous “situations” in your life can you see that you were aware of these situations, that you were observing these situations? Whether it was 40 years ago, 20 , 10, 5 years or yesterday, or even right now as the matter of fact, there is something that is aware of your experience.

Notice this Presence is not your thoughts, emotions, or body sensations, but is Aware of these phenomena. Presence itself, does not have thoughts, emotions or body sensations.. it is AWARE of these.

Try it right now, simply be AWARE of your thoughts, emotions and body sensations right now. Notice that this awareness just is!

Could it be that this constant Awareness, this Presence, is who you really are?



One thought on “Presence doesn’t change.

  1. I’m going to call the Presence “God”, because it fits in with what I choose to believe! I can fit into that mold, and I am comfortable there. It is a good thing to be comfortable with yourself!

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