This is an easy one. There is NO teaching. Or another way to put it, all teachings are the right teachings. The point is, there is nothing to LEARN.

The word,learning, implies there is something to be taught, or that there are “teachers” and “learners

If you need to be taught, that would imply there is some knowledge you don’t have out there,and that there is someone out there who can teach it to you.

To define yourself as “someone who needs teaching”, you are denying who you really are; setting up an Ego “illusory self” game (which the Ego loves). The Ego will play any game you like as long as you keep identifying with the Ego.

Most “learners, seekers, etc are seeking some kind of “state of bliss” or “special knowlede”. “If I can only learn/find Enlightenment, I will no longer experience any unpleasant emotions or have any difficulties”
This too is an illusion. The search for Enlightnment can become an addiction, seeking an emotional high. In that case, it’s no different than a drug addiction. And there are many “teachers” out there who will play this game with you.

There is no state to “arrive at”. There is only now. As long as you are “seeking “, needing “learning”, you can’t be Ok with Now (which is the only state you are ever in). What if Enlightenment is simply Being Now?



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