We had an “enlightening” discussion in one of our groups tonight; the idea of “spiritual progress”. Progress can only “be made” if you are perceiving reality in a linear fashion.

To perceive reality in a linear fashion there has to be a concept of time; a “before progress” and an “after progress”, a past and a future.

For “progress” to occur there has to be a start and a finish and the space between start and finish (where you would have to be if you already started but hadn’t finished.

Someone suggested that “progress” was simply an illusion of our Ego (illusory self) which thinks linearly and is bound by the concept of time. The EGO is never OK NOW.

If NOW is all we really experience (everything else are simply thoughts experienced NOW about the past or the future) so it’s still NOW, then their couldn’t be any progress, there is no getting from “here” to “there”, no “improvement”

Someone suggested progress might be circular rather than linear. In other words, we are always having experiences now, and since NOW is always present, a circular motion may more clearly portray “progress” than a linear motion.

I’m thinking that’s what ancient spiritualities were trying to tell us.



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