Of course, Enlightenment is free. You just have to pay to learn “how to do it” Afer reviewing a number of internet sites of the “modern” non-dual teachers, I am always amazed how the “Enlightenment” teachers can charge so much money to tell others how to become, or “practice”, Enlightenment. especially those who have developed megamillion businesses from “teaching” Enlightenment (ie: for only $14.95 a month you subscribe permanently (unless you unsubscribe yourself at some point) -so $14.95 is automatically deducted from your account until oblivion. Let’s see $14.95 X only 50,000 Unenlightened people = approx 75,000 a month (give or take a few dollars).. Why that’s close to $9,000,000.00 a year! Damn, the price of enlightenment is pretty costly! And that’s only 50,000 unenlightened individuals.

Of course, many of these enlightenment sites say that they charge so much so that they can offer scholarships and freebies to those who are truly in need of enlightenment(aren’t we all) but can’t afford it (let’s see the books!)

Thats just the subscription fees. Then there’s the price of all the books, tapes, DVDs, conferences, “Satsangs”, retreats, video-conferences, etc that all the unenlightened will pay for to become AWARE or to continue being AWARE.

While many of the individuals that I have had the opportunity to read or see do seem to be AWARE, I think they are also aware of how much money they are making. A few books here and there can really help to explain the illusion we are living in, but really.. $9,000,000! (Thats. a low estimate) Come on!

Maybe we should return to the Ancient nondual teachers who didn’t charge anything.. like the Buddha, Krishna, and Yeshua (commonly also known as Jesus). They said the same thing and they said it first… and I don’t think they even had websites and DVDs. I’m also thinking their nondual teachings have reached alot more people over the centuries, even if the people didn’t fully understand the nondualness of their teachings.

I wonder if Buddha/Jesus/Krishna came back and saw all this expensive enlightenment.. the question might arise, “What would “he” say?”

So there’s my rant on Pricy enlightenment….and it felt GOOD



2 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Enligtenment be FREE!!

  1. Okay!! Now we see what is also there behind that calm, diplomatic & generous exterior!! I have often thought these same things, & before I knew what I now know, I also was led down some garden paths/paid a lot of money for info, because they marketed themselves & I thought I would learn things I wanted to know. Some of it was good & gave me a shortcut to understanding, some a waste of my time & money. Because I know more now, & know myself better, I can be more discerning about what I want to learn. And, I am so grateful for integrators/mentors who create venues that are free or virtually free, so we can share, join & support. So thank-you,& now I feel good too!!

  2. Just a follow up. You can “get enlightened” at my place for only 5 bucks, but there are no guarantees and I don’t give refunds. Ed

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