The 5th of the Buddhist Lojong proverbs is ” Rest in the nature of Alaya”

In Buddhist philosophy, Alya is the Essence, Emptiness, Unborn Awareness. In the Hindu tradition it is turiya, pure consciousness, the background that underlies and transcends the three common states of consciousness of waking consciousness, dreaming, and dreamless sleep. For example Advaita Vedanta states it is the identity of the true Self (Atman), which is pure consciousness, In modern non dual philosophy/spirituality is the “Unconditioned” Mind, Consciousness, Awareness, etc. It is that which cannot be known by the activity of the mind.

So there’s the catch.. we cannot KNOW our true Self through the use of our intellect. We cannot think our way into Consciousness. We can read about IT, we can discuss IT, we can wish for IT, but we can’t KNOW IT through thought, or books, or even blogs.( so you don’t really need to read this) Especially since it’s not an IT.

It simply is… without form, without thought, without action, and IT is not something we GET! There’s not a 6 step ( or 3 step, or 12 step, or 125 step) program to follow to finally arrive at IT.

There’s another option. What if we realize that, at our core, we are IT, already. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, nothing to grasp, no improvement program, no process for achievement.

Luke 17:21 and Jesus said, The Kingdom of God is within you” (Yep..he was a nondualist)



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