Last evening in one of our spiritual discussion groups at the Universalus Community, the focus of the discussion came to be, “Why do you continue to come to these discussions which have now been ongoing for three years?” (Which I thought was a very a good question to explore, especially since I didn’t have to bring up the question)

In these discussions there is nothing “given” …no great Wisdom imparted in a blinding flash, no “experience” to be had, no “teacher” imparting esoteric knowledge to the uninitiated, no beliefs, creeds, or doctrines to adhere to and thereby temporarily feeling safe and peaceful..none of that. We often disagree with each other, have very very differing perceptions of what “spirituality” is (and reality in general for that matter).

As seems to be typical of most spiritual discussion groups, there wasn’t a central theme to rally around, no “feel good” practice to pursue.. some of the participants answers were amazing. One participant put it most profoundly (I paraphrase):

“Trying to figuring this all out, continuing to explore yourself and the Universe is hard to do alone, it feels good to be in the company of others doing the same thing!”

We identified this as the true purpose of Community! No hierarchy, no creed, no right and wrong ..just being together and being present to each other.. That is community.



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