On my way to work this morning, I was contemplating non-dual philosophy/spirituality which proposes that we are “Not 2”. In other words, there is only 1 Awareness. Our illusory self (The ego) maintains its sense of separateness (that there are 2, not 1. ie “me” and “others”) by believing in dualism ( there are 2).

Our whole identity (illusory as it is ) is based on the belief in separateness and does just about anything to hold on to that belief. So, since I had nothing better to do (other than drive the car), I thought I would try an experiment for the day (little did I know what I was in store for!).

So here was the experiment: Whenever I saw an other human (or animal for that matter..but I all i saw was a few birds) I would say to myself, ” I am that’. In other words, we were 1, no matter what the other person was saying, doing, or being. I would not analyze them, judge them, etc REGARDLESS of how I perceived their actions.

So I began.. within about 15 seconds, I found that I was angry! Not angry at the other people..but a sense of anger was building within me, with no direction or purpose, it was just there. I decided to continue this experiment, regardless of what emotions arose, and just observe my experience.. and what I felt was…more anger!

Finally, i just observed the anger, didn’t try to change it, or analyze it.. and then Awareness arose through the observation. This was my EGO freaking out! It was not used to having its sense of separateness challenged and it was P_ssed!

Then I laughed. It wasnt the real me that was angry, it was my sense of separateness that my whole identity has been clinging to since birth. Realizing this, everything lightened up.

As we inquire into the workings of the Ego, challenge its false assumptions, it feels kinda weird (at first). Then a sense of relief follows.

Try the experiment. I’d like to hear what you experience.



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