Lojong Mind Training is a Buddhist practice based on a set of proverbs formulated in the 12th century by Chekawa. Through this practice you connect with the world in an unconditionally positive way, and also take full responsibility for our experience of it.

Unlike many practices it does not require that you buy into a particular system of beliefs, nor is it something that you only do in meditation. In fact, the best practice is often done out in the “world” (our conditioned reality) with people and situations that upset and irritate us the most.

Lojong consists of fifty-seven proverbs which suggest “antidotes” to the painful mental habits, paranoia, and fixed ideas (all thoughts) that cause us so much suffering.

The 2nd of the Lojong proverbs is “Treat Everything You Perceive as a Dream”. . This is non dual awareness; that this “conditioned reality” is not who we really are. We are “Unconditioned Awareness” being aware of the “dream” of a separate self.

Jamgon Kongtrul explains this proverb; “Actual phenomena-that is, the world and its inhabitants-are objects that we grasp at with our senses. These appearances are simply our mind’s manifestations of confusion. In the end, they are not actually existent in any way whatsoever, but are like the appearances in a dream. By thinking along these lines, train yourself to have some feeling for looking at the world this way.”
In this way we begin to step out of our belief that the things we perceive are objective reality; they are simply our perceptions, without real meaning. We are able to be the Observer of ourselves and our experience instead of believing we ARE our experiences. We begin to be Aware.



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