I had lunch with a friend of mine today that talked about his “ obsessive intrusive ” thoughts which makes his experience of reality so uncomfortable.

This particular friend is not familiar with non dual teachings and it certainly wasn’t my place to expound on this philosophy.

I wondered if his experience would be different if he could see that his thoughts were not who he really is.

If all thoughts, both the “good ones” and the “bad ones”, pleasant and unpleasant ones, are simply arising phenomena that come and go; even thoughts that we have habitually entertained, formed into one construct, and claimed as “me”.. If we were able to truly grasp this Awareness.. that there was an Observer of these thoughts who simply observed without attachment, judgement, analysis.. would we be able to not take these thoguhts so seriously.. would we have a less painful experience? Just something to consider.


2 thoughts on ““Obsessive” “intrusive” thoughts

  1. About obsessive & intrusive thoughts: read Michael Singer “The Untethered Soul”. This book nails the mind’s tendency to loop fear & survival thoughts, and proposes strategies to re-focus into witness presence & experience peace & freedom from activity of mind. In places, it reads like a comedy routine when describing typical obsessive thinking we all experience. It will make you laugh.

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