Do these terms, Consciousness, Awareness, Enlightenment, really mean anything at all? 

Sometimes the answer is in the questions.

People have been talking about these “concepts, ideas, theories” since the beginning of time, and it seems everyone has their own definitions. The trouble is. all these concepts, theories, ideas….are just thoughts.  

So for these concepts to mean anything to you personally, you have to have a whole lot of thoughts about them.

I would like to propose a radical??  idea (also a thought) that thoughts are relatively meaningless when it comes to these concepts.(as well as when it comes to most things, actually).

The question always arises. WHO is actually having these thoughts? You would proabably say, “Obviously, I am having these thoughts.” , but WHOs the “I” having all these thoughts?

Assuming you haven’t been born in the last 20 seconds, you have been having all kinds of thoughts constantly for years. They come..they go, one after the other, gazillions of thoughts, including groups of thoughts that become opinions, beliefs, ideologies,etc).  Do you remember the thought you had on March 3rd, 1997 at 4:45 pm?  Of course not, it’s long gone, how bout at 5 pm? Nope, that thought is gone too!

Since thoughts come and go in such a rapid pace, our thoughts can’t really be who we are, can they.,  

I think we could say the same thing for our emotions, we’ve certainly had gazillions of them too.

How about our body sensations, nope they come and go too.

Hhhmmm..so if we aren’t these rapidly changing (arising) thoughts, emotions, and body sensations..then who are we??

This is the focus of this blog. To answer the question,….. “Who are we??”


This is a discussion blog, so discuss by commenting below. Ed


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